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Norbak is a Danish multi brand distributor working with all major partners in the Nordics

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What started as a little family owned business in 2011 serving a few hundred bakeries – Norbak has grown to be a recognizable player in the Danish retail market, and today we are delivering innovative and high quality products to all major and smaller retail chains in Denmark.

Norbak is working together with top professional suppliers from all around the world with a wide range of different products. Through the years we have grown solid business relationships with our partners, relationships where mutual respect, a high level of professionalism and hard work towards a common goal are cornerstones in our co-operational business.

But Norbak is not only marketing and selling products from various suppliers, we are also developing both our own label products and Private Label Brands for our partners.

Our own Norbak label is seen on products like edible bakery products as well as our little happy Pancake called “Panky”.


The latest and biggest co-operation is with world famous cake blogger Mrs. Manuela Kjeilen from Passion4Baking, with whom we have developed a stunning and high profiled cake mix series under the Brand “Love Manuela”. A lot more products are under development together with Passion4Baking – a co-operation we are very proud of – and we have not only developed a strong partnership, but also made new friends for life.

Going back to our roots and having our little company’s history in mind, it is especially the strong friendship-like relationships with our partners that is of the greatest importance for us in Norbak.

And we believe our solid, long term and ongoing business relationships with both our suppliers and our customers are the living proof that our concept is not totally wrong.

If some of our services are of interest for you and you would like us to be a potential partner please contact us and together we can find the best solution for you.

Meet Some of our Partners
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